Interactive Classrooms

Interactive Classrooms is a complete technology enabled classroom solution that revolutionizes the teaching and learning of subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and English. It is specifically designed to implement the NCF 2005 guidelines where the focus is on in-depth understanding of concepts and their practical applications.

Integrated, Interactive and Innovative Teaching-Learning Material (iTLM)

TLP or Teaching Learning Plan which allows teachers to prepare their lessons in advance and share interesting, relevant data and facts while teaching in the classroom.

The core concept is covered using multimedia, including animations and video. This helps learners visualize abstract concepts and by adding a visual element to learning, enhances retention.

Interact feature allows teachers and students to interact with the content thereby enabling them to experience cause and effect. It also makes the learning process livelier with active learner participation

Automate feature provides alternate animations for a concept, which provides a different approach to the same concept Apply feature is similar to the Interact feature, but in addition to the benefits of interactivity provided, it also allows users to customize the content as they wish.

As an additional resource, students and teachers are provided with a library of Web links pointing to sites with content and resources directly mapped to the school curriculum. Many of the sites go beyond the curriculum, giving students a chance to explore and learn more.

The feature also enables teachers to inculcate a project based learning approach as recommended by the NCF.

Customization is enabled by a feature called 'My resources' where teachers can upload their own content in the content repository>

It also comes with

Question Bank of 84,000+ subjective and objective Questions Capability to Administer Online Test Game Based Assessment integrated into the Core Content Geometer's Sketch Pad 5.0 license Map Creator Software license


NIIT in association with Fourier Systems brings first of its kind mobile computerized Science Laboratory that makes Science hands-on and offers technology-enabled learning environment. It comes with data logging device Nova and a suite of readymade probes called sensors that can be easily connected to it thereby reducing the time for setting up the apparatus for experiments.

  • Nova is a Light, portable and rugged student data logging device with large 7" colour touch screen and 8 hour battery life for complete school day
  • Nova Interfaces easily with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for reporting and further analysis MultiLab software to perform school-specific experiments, produce multimedia lab reports and automatically synchronize data, video and audio

This helps students spend more time in analyzing the data rather than setting up the apparatus. This complete Science learning system offers Wide coverage of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences. `Based on NCF guidelines and NCERT Curriculum, students can conduct more than 150 experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and environmental sciences.

Product Deliverables

  • Nova
  • Sensor Tub
  • Experiment Book with 150 experiments
  • Science Charts
  • Student Workbooks
  • Teaching and Learning Tools :
    • MultiLab Software
    • Multimedia content
    • Assessment Questions
  • Comprehensive Training for Science Teachers for 4 days