IT Wizard Programming & Productivity

IT Wizard Programming & Productivity Curriculum is a holistic IT education solution addressing the IT Curriculum from KG to XII based on NCERT guidelines. It is a unique program that takes care of all the requirements of a school including content, teaching and learning material and guidance on infra and training support to integrate IT education.

Product Details

Classes Technologies Covered
1 - 2 Computer Basics, Tux Paint, WordPad, Paint, Stick Fig
3 - 5 Windows Vista, Logo, Office 2007, Hotmail, Photo Editor, Windows Meeting Space
6 - 8 Publisher 07, Internet, GIMP, PLT, Movie Maker, Office 2007, Access 07, Swing and Applet in Java
9 - 10 Open Source, DHTML, Wireless Tech, Java Script
11 - 12 Windows OS, 3D concept using Blenders/GIMP, HW concepts


  • 32 Weeks of contents for classes III - XII
  • 20 Weeks of contents for classes I - II
  • Computer Aided Teaching (CAT) materials for Classes I - XII
  • Computer Based Training(CBT) materials for classes I - XII
  • Colorful Activity book for class I - XII
  • Faculty Guide
  • Supporting Application software
  • Faculty training
  • Hardware