Mobile Science Labs

Next Generation School is Mobile Science Labs

NIIT in association with Fourier Systems bring you the first of its kind portable computerized science laboratory that makes Science hands-on and offers technology-enabled learning environment. It comes with a suite of readymade probes that can be easily connected to it thereby reducing the time for setting up the apparatus for experiments. Students can therefore spend more time in analyzing the data rather than setting up the apparatus. This complete Science learning system offers wide coverage of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences. Based on NCF guidelines and NCERT curriculum, students can conduct more than 210 experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and environmental sciences. NIIT in association with Fourier Systems brings first of its kind mobile computerized Science Laboratory that makes Science portable.

Mobile Science Lab comprises of:

  • Light, portable and rugged student data logging device with large 7" 800x 480 pixels colour touch Screen
  • Low power Intel XScale processor for instant power on and 8 hour battery life for complete school day
  • Full connectivity with integrated WIFI 802111b/g
  • Built-in Fourier MultiLogPRO data logger with supporting curriculum software
  • Flexible design and Ethernet with USB and SD card ports
  • Runs on Windows CE 5.0 with low total cost of ownership
  • Lab station to research, gather and analyze data, as well as present results and reports
  • Interface easily with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for reporting and further analysis MultiLab software to perform school-specific experiments, produce multimedia lab reports and automatically synchronize data, video and audio

Science on the move

The solution helps foster higher order thinking skills in children by encouraging interpretation of the observed events rather than memorization of correct responses. Students can carry the Lab anywhere they want and connect knowledge gained in a classroom to real life. Teachers can also use the apparatus inside the classroom to explain a concept without going through the pain of taking the entire class to the lab. This also helps in bridging the gap between classroom teaching and the application of the concepts in a lab.