Student Advantage

  • Interactive Classrooms @home empowers students to take control of their own learning.
  • It provides concrete experience of the subjects as used in real word context and makes learning more interactive.
  • Also the content being available online as well as offline, it ensures that learning does not stop any time.
  • Students can access learning objects, take unlimited practice tests and can upload homework and projects and can collaborate with their peers.
  • Textbooks are no longer interesting enough for students. Why not use the power of audio and video in teaching. Students need engaging content like audio books, video guides, podcasts, MP3 lectures, etc.
  • Students need an easily accessible online library of audio, videos, notes and Tools. Provide your students with study material that can easily accessed from anywhere at any time from laptops, PCs, iPads and mobile phones. An easy-to -use learning management system can help teachers provide a platform for students to share answers, start & participate in discussions, create & distribute wikis and so much more!